What’s For Lunch?

MangoShrimpBlog Post #5

I’m hungry! And, I’m drooling thinking about the lunch that my husband and I had at Manis Restaurant on Saturday.

Manis Restaurant is a quaint, little family-owned place that is located just around the corner from where I live. It is tucked into a work/live complex, almost hidden from view. Billed as a Pan-Asian eatery, Manis offers South-East Asian food for lunch or dinner. You will find dishes from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand that will delight and satisfy you. (Does it sound like I am composing an ad for this restaurant? Sorry, I am just remembering the deliciousness that was my lunch — AND as I mentioned — I am HUNGRY!)

So we were puttering around on Saturday, a little housework, a little shopping, a little leisurely strolling through the neighbourhood when we decided that we were a little peckish. Since we were already out and about, we wandered over to Manis for a quick bite. We’ve eaten at this little gem of a place several times and always had great food and great service.

We were seated by the friendliest person. Every time we have visited Manis, this lovely woman has always had a beautiful smile on her face and a gentle, welcoming tone in her voice. She is eager to help with any questions about the menu and is happy to recommend choices when you are in doubt. Next time we go, I must find out her name!

It didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted — Bruce ordered the Coconut Ginger Soup (so good!) which is a light coconut cream soup with chicken, shrimps, baby corn, and mushrooms, while I opted for the Tom Yum soup — a spicy lime & lemongrass broth with chicken, shrimps, baby corn, mushrooms, and tomato. We both selected the Mango and Shrimp Wrap to round out our lunch.

My soup was delicious! The waitress warned me that the soup would be spicy. She was right! It was dragon-breath hot — the kind of spicy that, as my mother would say, “will put hair on your chest!” The lime and lemongrass broth was very flavourful (and not overpowered by the spicy-ness), with enough chicken and shrimp to satisfy my appetite.

Mango2The Mango & Shrimp wraps arrived at our table at exactly the right time — just as my eyes were starting to water. Made with fresh spring mix greens, crisp red pepper, luscious mango slices and prawns all wrapped in thin rice paper and served with hoisin dip. This dish was the perfect partner to the spicy soup. The freshness of the wrap cooled the heat of the Tom Yum and added a sweet flavour to my meal.

Bruce’s Coconut Ginger soup was a delicious concoction —the zing of the ginger tempered by the coconut cream melded perfectly with the chicken, shrimp and vegetables in this light soup.

I can’t decide which combination was better, the Tom Yum with the Mango wrap or the Coconut Ginger soup with the wrap. They were both delicious (Thank you, Bruce, for letting me sample your soup first!). We both left feeling happy and pleasantly sated.

We’ll definitely go back to this restaurant, in fact… I’m hungry now…

Manis Restaurant — five stars!


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