Just Do It…

24 Mar

1-1234699141PRLFI have been in quite a slump lately — going months without writing a blog post, sporadically posting here and there. What’s up with that?!

I enjoy writing, for me, it is a great creative outlet. Maybe that’s the problem. My job as a marketing coordinator requires a lot of creative work — dreaming up unique print ads, putting together a newsletter, crafting a weekly company blog post and other design-y things. Most days my brain hurts!! So I have a good excuse to NOT tackle my own blog or social media, right?

Okay, I know, I know! That kind of thinking is simply a cop out — writing for my own blog is completely different than writing for work. It’s a lot more fun and easier, too! I’m the expert on my “random musings” and I can expound on any topic that I like! I just have to sit down and start typing. Resisting the urge to launch “Words With Friends” would probably help a lot too!! [grins sheepishly]

So, today, I am making a change. Today, I am starting my mission to write a blog-post-a-day. Yikes, did I just put that in writing?!!

Yes, yes, I did. It’s a promise to myself — made in public — that will, hopefully, compel me to post on a consistent basis every day!

The inspiration for this challenging adventure didn’t come from anything on the internet. Oh, sure, I have taken up many online “dares” – the annual Good Reads challenge, blog every day for a month on WordPress, that kind of thing. But somehow, I always found an excuse to let it all go — a bad day, or a long day, or  too much housework. Housework? Yeah, right. Take this year — so far I have read 5 out of 50 books for Good Reads’ 2016 Challenge. That’s only 10% of the entire goal — and Good Reads let me know that I am already six books behind!!! Aaarghh!!

No, the idea for this new challenge came from my lovely daughter, Brynne. A talented and imaginative artist, she has experienced the same sort of ennui when it comes to creating her art. Between job searching, and working part-time, she has gone through dry periods where she does no art at all. That all changed when she decided to do a “drawing-a-day” for a year and post them on Instagram.  Kind of like the “Daily Practice Challenge” that Opus Art Supplies held during the month of February, only longer.

#01She started on February 1, and has now done more than 50 drawings — now that’s inspiring!! This is her first one – #cute, eh?

WARNING! The following paragraph is a shameless plug!! If you know of anyone who needs some illustration work, let me know — Brynne is open to commissions, contract and freelance work. If you would like to contact her or if you are interested in her art, you can follow brynnejohnston on Instagram, visit her weebly site, or check out her work on Behance.

Anyway, a spark was lit — Brynne’s daily illustrations have inspired me to write a blog post every day for a year. I realize that a post doesn’t have to be pithy, long, or even relevant to anything that is going in the world at large (or my little world, for that matter.) All I need to do is — write. Write something every day and post it on my blog. That’s it! Who knows, maybe my writing will improve with so much practice! Maybe some people will find my posts interesting or amusing. But that doesn’t matter. All I know is that it feels good to make the decision to “just do it!”

So this is it — Blog Post #1. There’s no going back now…unless I have a mountain of dishes to do…

I’d love to know what you think about blogging, your tips for battling writer’s block, your creative outlets — or whatever! Please share your thoughts in the comments section and feel free to call me out if I miss a day!

Oh, I will be posting Brynne’s drawings, too, so check back to see them — Day 2 drawing coming up tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Just Do It…”

  1. danibrown57 March 25, 2016 at 8:15 am #

    Love this post, Cathy! You and I have similar jobs and I am on the same page (get it?) – when I get home from work I am done, not a creative bone left in my body. But I will discover whether that still holds true as I launch my own blog. I have a hunch that writing might feel more doable than my usual creative outlet of visual art. The blogging book I am reading says to commit to 1000 words per day, so I think you are on the right track. And who knows – maybe something magic will happen while you are putting words to screen!


    • cgjohnston March 25, 2016 at 9:02 am #

      Thanks, Dani! Yes, it’s so easy to just deflate after a long day of creative activity, but I actually I think that writing every day for myself will be energizing and hopefully I can be disciplined enough to follow through! Good luck with your new blog! You are off to a great start – your first post was great!

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