Love is in the Air

BetsyWeddingFlowersI love weddings. I love the sentiment of the occasion, the beauty and love that surrounds everyone present. The flowers, the music, the wine, the joy, the laughter and the tears. I love it all.

Last month, my husband’s sister was married in a simple, but poignant ceremony held at the couple’s apartment, on a gorgeous Vancouver day. The sun breaking through the clouds illuminated the room. The wedding was an intimate gathering of family excited to be part of it all.

The bride had a radiant glow, as all brides do. She was beautiful, as she stood before us, with love lighting up her face. I saw the happiness she held in her heart as the marriage rites were performed. Her tears were a testament to the profound promise she made, to love the man beside her for the rest of her life. I heard the tremble of emotion in the groom’s voice as he declared his solemn vows to her.

As the bride and groom affirmed their fidelity to each other, I could not help but feel the tenderness and joy that filled the room — a true sense of love, meaningful and strong. When the couple were proclaimed husband and wife, we celebrated their marriage with hugs, kisses, smiles and grins and a champagne toast.

BetsyWeddingI love weddings, I think, because love is so evident at a wedding. Our world sometimes feels so fraught with despair, sadness and hatred, that participating in an event where the focus is love, gives me hope that we, as a society, can love each other, care for each other, and rejoice in each other. Life is good.

So, cheers to the bride and groom. Betsy and Bill, may you live your life together with love, laughter, and joy for many years to come.

Thank you both, for sharing your beautiful day! xoxo