Can I Get a Name For The Cup?

19 May

We were next in line at Starbucks, waiting patiently for our turn — we could already imagine the first sips of the delicious brew we would soon be enjoying. The baristas were in a jovial mood, smiling and joking with customers and each other while they keyed in orders, took cash, and made lattes.

The young man at the cash asked my husband for a name for his cup — the usual practice at Starbucks. “Of course”, said my hubby, “it’s Bruce”. The barista cajoled “Would you mind if I wrote “Bruce Wayne?” This started a lighthearted conversation about Bruce Wayne, Batman, Robin and comic book heroes in  general. He, then, turned to my daughter and asked for her name. His eyes widened in alarm as she uttered ” Brynne”  (for some reason, her name quite often strikes fear in people’s hearts) but quick as a wink he started to write and declared, “Batman, it is!” Of course, after that, we had to say that my name was Catwoman!

Laughing, we paid our bill and moved to the counter to await our drinks.

Soon, our cups arrived at the bar, and a young lady, with a quizzical look on her face,  called out “I have an Americano for Bruce Wayne”.  Her look turned to amusement as she announced Batman’s drink up next and laughed out loud when Catwoman’s coffee appeared. She turned to the cashier and gave him a big grin and a thumbs up for his name game.

Nice to see people having fun at work!

Coffee Cups


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