The Start of Something New

17 Jul

217577_5159825738_6086_nOh, Creative Suite, how I have missed you! Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign — you’re as I remembered but with fancy updates and new bells and whistles! I have even missed you, Acrobat Professional!

Three days ago, I started a new job. A job I think I am really going to enjoy.  In this new position, I will be creating ads, brochures, presentations, and more — using software that I LOVE to work with. I will be blogging, tweeting, posting and engaging in all manner of social media  — and getting paid for it!

My new office is located in a small industrial/business park on the riverfront. The building is new with a beautiful showroom. My co-workers (and there are a LOT of them) all seem very nice and I am hoping that I will fit into the company culture. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming right from day one. I’m working hard at remembering everyone’s names and I’m not doing too bad. (The trick of using someone’s name three times really works!)

It’s been a while since I have had a creative position but I have jumped right in with both feet, taking on new small projects and one presentation. I’m having fun and being productive — it feels amazing.  It’s early days but I think it will work out great.

Since I’m not used to working a full day (I had been working part time for the past year and a half), I’ve been exhausted — but it’s a good exhaustion — I’m stretching my brain, having new experiences, getting to know new people and feeling confident and happy.

Life is good!


Mini Morning Workout: 16 days… and counting! 🙂
After Dinner Walks: 2 days – 😦
Yoga Session: Not started yet 😦


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