Getting Fit

MP900387543I was looking through the photos from my mom’s birthday party. They’re great — lovely photos of everyone there — smiles and laughter on every face! But, as I peered through the pictures, I noticed, with a little stab of shock, that I need to lose a little  lot of weight! The camera really doesn’t lie, so… I have started to add some movement back into my daily routine.

I have been doing this quick, little mini-workout every morning for the past couple of weeks to get me into the habit of exercising. It’s perfect because it is fast (and relatively painless) and is really energizing — I believe I could [GASP!] give up my morning cup of coffee because this little routine wakes me up so well — (but I probably won’t do that!!). Since I have started this little exercise program, I feel better throughout the day and I have a lot more energy.

Now, I think I am ready to add in some “real” exercise to get me into shape (and shed some pounds along the way). I am going to start on a walking routine two or three days a week, probably in the early evenings, after dinner. The only problem with that will be  the temptation to skip the walk after a long work day… but I hope to establish a habit that will stick.

I am also going to devise a nightly yoga practice that will give me a holistic routine that will benefit my mind and soul as well as my physical well-being. And giving up junk food — will certainly help and should be easy (except for cheesecake and chocolate!!)

Getting back into shape is a great goal for me to work towards, and I am excited about getting healthier (and thinner). By writing about it here, I hope to resolve to keep this commitment to get fit to get healthy!!

Mini Morning Workout: 10 days… and counting!


2 thoughts on “Getting Fit”

  1. Good for you! I would like to join you in walking once a week or so. The walking in our ravine is really beautiful, get Bruce to run you over here sometimes. Yes I agree, really hard to go back out once you’ve had dinner. I can also write out, or do with you, a couple of the Padma Yoga routines I like before bed. I actually brought a yoga mat to work today as a couple of us would like to do some together on Sat afts in lieu of our tea brake.

    BTW, 2 things: chocolate is not junk food, and women our age should prob stay away from mirrors and cameras as much as possible – too much of a shock! Lol!


    1. Hahaha!! You are right about staying away from mirrors and cameras… I would love to go for walks with you – let’s do it!! And I do want to take you up on the yoga routine – thanks so much!! xo


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