The Start of Something New

217577_5159825738_6086_nOh, Creative Suite, how I have missed you! Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign — you’re as I remembered but with fancy updates and new bells and whistles! I have even missed you, Acrobat Professional!

Three days ago, I started a new job. A job I think I am really going to enjoy.  In this new position, I will be creating ads, brochures, presentations, and more — using software that I LOVE to work with. I will be blogging, tweeting, posting and engaging in all manner of social media  — and getting paid for it!

My new office is located in a small industrial/business park on the riverfront. The building is new with a beautiful showroom. My co-workers (and there are a LOT of them) all seem very nice and I am hoping that I will fit into the company culture. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming right from day one. I’m working hard at remembering everyone’s names and I’m not doing too bad. (The trick of using someone’s name three times really works!)

It’s been a while since I have had a creative position but I have jumped right in with both feet, taking on new small projects and one presentation. I’m having fun and being productive — it feels amazing.  It’s early days but I think it will work out great.

Since I’m not used to working a full day (I had been working part time for the past year and a half), I’ve been exhausted — but it’s a good exhaustion — I’m stretching my brain, having new experiences, getting to know new people and feeling confident and happy.

Life is good!


Mini Morning Workout: 16 days… and counting! 🙂
After Dinner Walks: 2 days – 😦
Yoga Session: Not started yet 😦


Getting Fit

MP900387543I was looking through the photos from my mom’s birthday party. They’re great — lovely photos of everyone there — smiles and laughter on every face! But, as I peered through the pictures, I noticed, with a little stab of shock, that I need to lose a little  lot of weight! The camera really doesn’t lie, so… I have started to add some movement back into my daily routine.

I have been doing this quick, little mini-workout every morning for the past couple of weeks to get me into the habit of exercising. It’s perfect because it is fast (and relatively painless) and is really energizing — I believe I could [GASP!] give up my morning cup of coffee because this little routine wakes me up so well — (but I probably won’t do that!!). Since I have started this little exercise program, I feel better throughout the day and I have a lot more energy.

Now, I think I am ready to add in some “real” exercise to get me into shape (and shed some pounds along the way). I am going to start on a walking routine two or three days a week, probably in the early evenings, after dinner. The only problem with that will be  the temptation to skip the walk after a long work day… but I hope to establish a habit that will stick.

I am also going to devise a nightly yoga practice that will give me a holistic routine that will benefit my mind and soul as well as my physical well-being. And giving up junk food — will certainly help and should be easy (except for cheesecake and chocolate!!)

Getting back into shape is a great goal for me to work towards, and I am excited about getting healthier (and thinner). By writing about it here, I hope to resolve to keep this commitment to get fit to get healthy!!

Mini Morning Workout: 10 days… and counting!


Bard on the Beach

I had such a lovely Sunday afternoon with my daughter, Brynne, sitting in the Main Tent at Bard on the Beach and enjoying a magnificent production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Bard on the Beach, is one of Canada’s largest professional Shakespeare Festivals. This year, Bard is celebrating its 24th season by offering three Shakespeare plays: Twelfth Night, Hamlet and Measure For Measure as well as a Timothy Findley’s play – Elizabeth Rex.

This rendition of  Twelfth Night is set in 1913 at the luxuriant, European, “What You Will Hotel & Spa” in 1913.  Hilarity and misadventure abound as love is lost and found amid mistaken identities, cross-dressing, drunken comradery, and mischievous tricks.

The cast is exceptional, the set is amazing, the costumes are fabulous and the playful display of naked male bums was dishy(!). There could not have been a more gorgeous setting for a Shakespeare Festival than Vanier Park. The BMO Mainstage is open-ended so that the audience has a stunning view of mountains, ocean and the Vancouver skyline that adds a certain panache to the whole experience. There was a beautiful moment when three songbirds flew into the tent and fluttered around the actors and the audience, seemingly on cue.

Kudos to everyone involved in bringing Twelfth Night to Vancouver — it was marvelous!



Baba Turns 80!

HPIM2842My mom (Baba to her grandchildren) turned 80 last week and to celebrate this milestone, my brother, Ken, arranged a birthday party!  We all showed up at his house on Sunday afternoon for a backyard barbeque — seventeen of us including me, my two brothers, our significant others, our children and one adorable toddler, Baba’s only great grandchild. This was the very first time that we were all together in many years. My mom was overjoyed, she was actually beaming and didn’t stop smiling the entire time.

The weather couldn’t have been better, blue skies — not a cloud in the sky, the sun warming the backyard. My brother, Ken and his wife, Dawne sure know how to throw a party. The picnic table on the deck was laden groaning with enough food to feed an army. Pulled pork sandwiches, deep-fried turkey, deep-fried perogies, and at least three salads were piled high on everyone’s plates. The champagne flowed.

There is something about family when everyone is together — it is kind of magical. The day was filled with laughter, nostalgia, hugs, tears and smiles from ear to ear. We ate, drank, told stories (new ones and old ones) and dabbed tears from our eyes throughout the afternoon and evening. It was a wonderful time, and I hope that we have another opportunity to get together again, soon.

It is at times like these, that I realize how important family is — how essential it is to maintain the strong ties that bind us to our family. As I reflect upon the gathering, I remember the feeling of joy, love and harmony that permeated the evening.  In the words of my mother: “this is pure bliss…”

It was an amazing time and I’m looking forward to celebrating her 81st birthday with another fabulous family gathering.