Darkness is Coming…

4 Jun

Last weekend, I went to see the new Star Trek movie: Into Darkness, with my daughter, Brynne. Now, I’m not a trekkie by any stretch of the imagination, but I like a good action adventure movie. Brynne  LOVES the Star Trek (original series) TV show and the two new movies in the franchise — she’s  seen Into Darkness three times (so far!!). She came by her obsession honestly, her dad is a long time fan (not a trekkie in the dress-up-in-your-favourite-character-to-attend-a-Star-Trek-convention kind of fan, but a huge fan, nevertheless,  ever since he saw his first episode when he was 9).

I enjoyed this movie a lot — it had everything I expected from a science fiction adventure movie — action, special effects, Spock and Kirk (younger and funnier) and a great bad guy (Khan, played by the wonderful, Benedict Cumberbatch).

The story was a typical Star Trek adventure — the Starship Enterprise boldly goes where no one has gone before —Starfleet encounters an enemy on its home turf and  Captain Kirk and his crew, of course, save the day. The movie was fast-paced and exciting with enough intense moments to keep my interest and plenty of humorous bits to add some levity without being campy.

The main characters are well cast. In fact, most of the main characters are readily recognized as younger versions of the original crew: Sulu, Scotty, McCoy and maybe even (when you squint a little and disregard his curly hair) Chekov. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are perfect as young Kirk and Spock, (although, I found Pine’s Kirk to be a little more likeable than the original Kirk – sorry Mr. Shatner!). I loved Lieutenant Nyota Uhura’s character, played splendidly by Zoë Saldana in both of the new movies and especially in Into Darkness. Uhura is a strong, no-nonsense Starfleet officer, cool under pressure and a perfect match for Spock.

I know that some people had a difficult time reconciling a Caucasian actor as Khan (in the original series, Khan was of Indian descent), but I thought that Benedict Cumberbatch did impressive job of portraying the evil genius.

This film is visually impressive with thrilling action, and is incredibly entertaining for both trekkies and non-trekkies alike. One of the aspects that I enjoyed the most was the relationships between the characters.  Kirk and Spock’s “bromance” was  further advanced, Spock’s relationship with Uhura deepened and we got to know the rest of the crew a lot more, through their heroic actions, their sense of solidarity and their witty retorts.

Watch a trailer here:

I definitely recommend this movie as a must-see.

I found this video on YouTube — if you are a fan of Monty Python and Star Trek, you will appreciate this clip: Star Trek Meets Monty Python. It’s hilarious!


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