Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head…

HPIM2805This is my new old umbrella — I’d only been using it for a week! Granted, it only cost me $9.99 plus tax, but still you’d think it would have held up longer than seven days.

Look at it, some of the ribs are broken, the nylon has come off the points in some places it and the locking mechanism would spontaneously slide open while I was under it, becoming a hat rather than a rain shield.

For the past week or so, we have had gorgeous weather — sunny, warm and DRY! It was such a change from last month when we had nothing but rain —  A LOT of rain — honestly, I thought I was going to grow a set of gills behind my ears!

I’m not complaining, not really, because living on the “Wet Coast” means enjoying all the liquid sunshine that comes our way throughout the year. We never let a little water ruin our day!  As long as we have our gortex, gum boots and umbrellas, we’re ready to go.  I just had to get another  umbrella and this time I planned on getting a really good one.

So I did a little research and I checked out some “umbrella facts”.  I read up on some umbrella history, and did a little “surf” shopping to find  a well made umbrella for a not-too-exorbitant price. I learned a lot about umbrellas but I couldn’t find anything that I really liked online… I did, however, come across a gorgeous umbrella (from the umbrella shop!) at House Warmings, a cute little gift and home decor store at Grandview Corners. Now I am ready for puddle jumping. Bring on the rain!

My new umbrella!
My new umbrella!

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