Afternoon at the Movies – Les Misérables

Today, I went to see Les Misérables [the movie] with my daughter. She was eager to see it, but I wasn’t so sure. I’m not a big fan of musicals and I didn’t know much about the story, and it seemed like it might be more than a little depressing. However, I had heard a bit about this movie —Tom Hooper’s decision to film the actors singing live got me curious so I decided to go along — and it’s not a bad thing to spend the afternoon with your child (even a grown up one)!

This is a powerful story of redemption, among other themes and this film adaptation of the long-running, popular musical is a sweeping, emotional, gut-wrenching motion picture. The cinematography, the set designs, costumes, make-up, the lighting — it all came together to transport the audience to the impoverished, gritty streets of Paris. But it was the acting, singing and directing of this film that amazed me.

Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Jean Valjean was compelling, his voice, as he sang, expressed the range of his feelings as he searched for meaning in his life. Russell Crowe was the epitome of a stalwart police inspector and his voice reflected that iron-clad faith in his beliefs. But it was Anne Hathaway’s heart-breaking outpouring of raw emotion when she sang I Dreamed a Dream that blew me away. The strong supporting cast was superb. Les Misérables is a marvelous, grand and unforgettable movie experience.

Watch the trailer and if you decide to see the movie, bring tissues – you will weep!


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