O, Christmas Tree!

7 Dec

Our TreeAll the boxes of Christmas decorations had been carted into the house from the storage room — they were stacked around the living room (and dining room!) waiting to be unpacked. Bruce put the tree up and wound the lights around it, wrapped the garland through the branches. That was it — for almost a week!

I’m not sure what happened. It’s not as if we don’t like Christmas and we aren’t grinches by any stretch, I guess we just got busy with other stuff, made excuses and well, the boxes just sat there, waiting to be opened…

Then our oldest daughter came over for a visit.

Now, you have to know our daughter… we call her the Queen of Christmas — she LOVES the holiday — she gets into the Yuletide Spirit at the end of November. She starts the countdown to December 25 on September 1st— “It’s 116 days until Christmas!” She sings Christmas carols and songs, “aloud so all hear”, beginning the day after Halloween. Well, you get the picture…

She walked in the door, and immediately began chastising us for leaving the tree standing naked for a week. Before we knew it, she and her sister had us all exclaiming over the ornaments, laughing and singing while we hung each bauble carefully on the tree’s branches. We oohed and awed as each ornament was unwrapped as we recalled the stories behind each one. In no time at all, the tree was adorned with all our shiny, whimsical and beautiful decorations. Bailey handed Bruce the Christmas star and he placed on the topmost branch. We all stood back and enjoyed our handiwork.

O, Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!

(18 sleeps until Dec. 25th!)


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