Teacher, Teacher

27 Nov

Yesterday, I was doing a bit of surfing in cyber world and I landed at the webpage of Upworthy where I found a video of a Ted Talk about a new approach to self-teaching.

This is a fascinating study of children and learning — Professor Sugata Mitra’s “Hole in the Wall” experiment where children in India when presented with access to a computer but no teacher or instructions, taught themselves and each other how to navigate the internet, record their own music and make their own movies in mere hours with no prior exposure to this technology.

Mitra conducted these experiments all over India and other parts of the world and established that groups of children, when provided with a stimulating environment will learn on their own through self-instruction and shared learning.

This brilliant and inspirational talk illustrates the amazing results of Sugata Mitra’s experiments that may change the way we think about education and learning.

Watch the original Ted Talk:


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