Sweet Tooth

Fudge Babies
photo by Katie from the blog,
Chocolate-Covered Katie

It’s Sunday night. On Sundays, my daughter and I watch TV together after she gets off work. I brew a pot of tea, we snuggle together on the sofa and settle in to watch The Mentalist and The Good Wife. It’s our thing and those are two shows we like to watch together.

We usually don’t have treats with our tea, but tonight — I thought a little sweet bite would be nice. And, I thought it would be good if our indulgence could be on the healthy side as well.

So I did a little cruise around the web, visiting one of my favourite sites for delicious recipes — Chocolate-Covered Katie. After roaming around her delectable recipe section for a few minutes (all the while trying not to drool on my sweater) I found a recipe for Fudge Babies.

The tag line on Chocolate-Covered Katie’s blog is “the healthy dessert blog”.  Yum, delicious AND healthy — what more could you ask of a dessert?

All you need to make Fudge Babies is a few ingredients, (not one of them is sugar!) and a food processor — that’s it!  Making them is super easy — just throw everything in the food processor, combine, then shape into balls or bars. And voilà, a delicious, chocolatey treat!

I’m off to the kitchen now to whip these up for our tea party — I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Please note: Katie has posted a warning about these tidbits – she claims they are addictive. So beware!


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