Lullaby and Good Night

Today I saw a mother cradling her baby and humming softly to calm her tears. It was a beautiful sight. The baby nestled snugly in her arms and calming quickly with the notes of the lullaby her mother was gently singing.

I was reminded of when my daughters were babies and were tired and fighting sleep. I would clasp them in my arms and gently rock while singing a special lullaby to soothe them on their way to dreamland. I made up the words one day out of desperation, when my first born (never a good sleeper!) would not settle for anything else. I borrowed the tune from Johanne Brahm’s famous lullaby. The verse I made up, not remembering  the lyrics to the Cradle Song (more widely known as Brahm’s Lullaby).

My daughters both remember this little song and I am sure they will sing it (or a version of it) to their children some day. I hum it sometimes when I am feeling nostalgic and I remember their warm, sweet-smelling heaviness in my arms and their soft, even breaths as they fell asleep while I sang these words:

Go to sleep, go to sleep
Go to sleep little baby
Go to sleep little pumpkin pie
Dream of armadillos that fly
Callou – Callai**
It’s going to be a frabjous** day
Callou – Callai
It’s going to be a frabjous day

(sung to the tune of Brahm’s lullaby and repeated as necessary)
*word created by Bruce Johnston, **word created by Lewis Carol

Listen to the lullaby here:


Good night and sweet dreams!


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