Skyfall Redux

23 Nov

I just saw Skyfall. It is my new  favourite Bond movie, and Daniel Craig has supplanted Sean Connery as James Bond in my mind!

What I really liked about this film (apart from Daniel Craig’s smoldering looks), was the slick, fast paced actions scenes and the intrinsic one-liners that were less cheesy and much less sexist than in previous 007 features, yet still Bond-esque. It was great to see the Aston-Martin again (complete with ejector  seat button on the gear shift and machine guns hidden in the front grill)! I love that James Bond, in the new films and especially in this latest one, is a character with more depth than that of earlier Bonds.

The opening song, Skyfall performed by Adele, is stellar and the music throughout the film was fantastic! I love Judi Dench as “M” and I always enjoy Ralph Fiennes’ (Gareth Mallory) acting. The new “Q” (Ben Whishaw) is adorable. And Javier Bardem was the BEST Bond villain ever. EVER!

007 films are an institution that has been around for 50 years now, and have weathered the test of time. These movies are not “great” films but they are exciting, fun and imminently watchable, I’ll bet there will be Bond flicks for another 50 years.

Listen to Adele singing Skyfall:

Listen to Judi Dench talk about the 007 films

Meet Q:


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