19 Nov

We have a lot of books. A LOT of books!

Recently, I remarked to my husband that perhaps we should think about opening our own used book store — we have the inventory and it would be fun, right? It was shortly after this that he packed up all the books that we have read but have no sentimental attachment to and we dropped them off at the book depository — we donated a mountain of books but we still have bookshelves full!

So, of course, last Saturday morning, we went to the Rotary Club of White Rock’s Annual Fall & Winter Book Sale!

There we were in a room full of hardcover and paperback books — books of all genres — it was heaven! We searched through the tomes and we both found a few treasures – at the great price of $2 each — for hardcovers! When we were done we had 12 novels and 3 art books.

My reading stack that had been steadily shrinking has been built back up a bit now. But it’s a good thing, because my book club’s potluck is coming up in a few weeks, and our activity is to create a poem using the titles of three or more books, otherwise known as book spine poetry.  I first heard of this endeavour from my husband, who wrote about it on his blog. Below is his poem:

Read his entire post here. Want to know more about book spine poetry? Try this post at Brain Pickings.

Hopefully, with all the books piled up and shelved around our place, I will be able to dream up a poem that I’ll be confident to share with the Novel Thinkers. I think it will be fun!


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