Out to Lunch

The three of us decided to go out for lunch at our favourite restaurant, Moxie’s Bar & Grill.  A little celebration,  Brynne earned an “A” on her Art History midterm (as if we needed an excuse!)

We like Moxie’s — the food is great,  it’s very cozy, the staff is always pleasant and it’s usually quiet at lunch time.  We spent a few minutes studying the menu — there are a lot of choices, all them delicious. Once we had made up our minds and ordered our food, we chatted on about this and that — art school, art projects, art supplies… we reminisced a bit, talking about past days when the girls were little. We told a joke or two and then our lunch appeared.

I had the Grilled Salmon Sandwich on naan bread (soooo yummy!), Bruce had the Fish Tacos (I LOVE this dish) and Brynne had the Beef Vindaloo (scrumptious)

It was a pleasant and delicious meal, shared with two of my favourite people.



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