The newest Bond movie opened this past weekend and I am really looking forward to seeing it.

I am a 007 fan from way back, I love the iconic spy James Bond, his classic good looks, his flair and impenetrable confidence. My favourite is the original James Bond, Sean Connery. His cool, debonair manner, his machismo, and his fearless forays into danger made him, in my mind, the quintessential secret agent.  The other actors who have stepped into his identity just haven’t made the grade in my eyes. (I still watched all the movies, let’s face it — there is just something about the Bond franchise that’s oh, so compelling.)

Of all the (other) 007’s, Daniel Craig’s version of the dashing spy might usurp Sean Connery as the archetypal hero. His first venture as Ian Fleming’s hero in Casino Royale, didn’t hook me, but I enjoyed Quantum of Solace and I must admit it isn’t too difficult to imaging that Daniel Craig can easily take over the mantle of the English spy with the license to kill.

I am looking forward to seeing the newest James Bond film, which by the way is the 23rd escapade in the longest running film franchise of all time. From all accounts, this one is a must-see movie for any Bond aficionado. Check out Rotten Tomatoes rating here.

Watch a trailer here:

Check out the theme song by Adele — I think it’s the best Bond theme song: 



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