Blue Rodeo

My sweetie and I were running some errands and listening to some tunes in the car.  He explained to me that our daughter had shown him how to program the car’s sound system to play songs in order other than alphabetically by title! That meant that we could now select music by album or artist instead of listening to what the iPod wants to play!

I searched through the play lists and came across Blue Rodeo. I LOVE Blue Rodeo! So I hit  “select” then sat back and listened to What Am I Doing Here?  from the album, “Casino”. Throughout our drive we let the iPod play through the songs that we had downloaded from our CDs. I sighed contentedly as the tracks Til I Am Myself Again, Trust Yourself, and Montreal filled the car.  I, of course, had to sing along — just couldn’t help myself! Soon I was belting it out as the band played 5 Days in May, Hasn’t Hit Me Yet, Cynthia, and Photograph — from the album “Five Days in July”.

The last song we listened to is one my favourites, What is This Love — a beautiful, haunting song with guest vocalist Sarah McLachlan (one of my favourite artists).

Blue Rodeo is coming to Vancouver in January – they are booked at the Orpheum – better get my tickets!

Check out Blue Rodeo’s official website here.  Want to learn the lyrics to What is This Love? Click here.


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