7 Nov

“Sleep is the best meditation.” ~ Dalai Lama

It’s eleven o’clock and my eyes are growing heavy. I’m watching an episode of  “The Mentalist” with my husband and my daughter. I’m yawning and I’m finding it difficult to stay focused on the show.

My bed is calling me, I can hear sleep’s sweet song, beckoning me to slip under the covers and close my eyes…and just drift, drift into beautiful, rejuvenating slumber.

I love to climb into my bed, when there are clean, fresh, sweet-smelling sheets waiting  to envelop me in sublime comfort, a soft pillow for my head, a warm comforter to snuggle under. I love lying cozy under the covers, feeling the heaviness of my bone-tired body sink into my bed’s welcome embrace, letting my mind’s thoughts waft aimlessly toward a dream. Smiling as the welcome, blissful, wash of quiet wraps me in the wispy mist of gentle sleep…



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