Tattoo Me

As I contemplated turning 50, I decided that I wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion. I felt that turning 50 was a memorable milestone in my life — my daughters were practically grown, and it seemed that my life was changing, becoming something new. I was still a mom, but my parenting life was definitely nearing the end, and I was ready for new and exciting experiences. I thought 50 needed some sort of marker to celebrate this change.

So I decided I would get a tattoo. A butterfly…to represent change and metamorphosis. I asked my daughter, Brynne, to design it for me. I revealed my plan to our family… most of them did not believe I would follow through…

This year, I turned 56 and finally, I did it — I got inked!

Following my daughters’ recommendation, I decided to go to Adrenaline on Granville Street in Vancouver where they both got their tattoos done three weeks ago. The staff at Adrenaline is phenomenal — so pleasant and accommodating. My tattoo artist, Betty B, was a dream! She patiently listened to all my concerns and answered all of my questions. She suggested the BEST place to position my tat (on my right forearm, just below my elbow) and she tweaked my daughter’s design in the most subtle way — it is still very much Brynne’s image, just adjusted to be more tattoo friendly. Betty B loves to tattoo, she has her own studio – In the Flesh Tattoos –  on Bowen Island AND she works part time at Adrenaline. Visit her blog here.

An hour after I walked into the shop, after the buzzing and sting of the needles, I had my tattoo! It is beautiful — I LOVE it! I was so delighted with it that I just had to give Betty a big hug — she did such a great job. If you are looking for a place to get some ink, try Adrenaline – and ask for Betty B!

Betty B also did my daughters’ tattoos. They each had the words “I love you more” inked on their wrist – each in the other’s handwriting. Too sweet!


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