Here Comes the Sun!

The sun is out! It is still a little chilly, especially in the early morning, but the sun is shining, and the forecast for this weekend is H-O-T.

When the sun shines in Vancouver, there is a noticeable difference in people’s moods — everyone is happy and smiling! Rain gear is stuffed in the cupboard and on go the shorts, sandals and sunglasses (even if it is only 10 degrees and breezy — Vancouverites wear summer clothes when the sun is out!)

The brilliance of the sky, the sunlight glistening on the ocean, the vibrant colours of sweet smelling flowers, and the beautiful vistas of the mountains — truly illustrate that this jewel of a city is “the best place on earth, right here!”*

A weekend of sunshine in the Lower Mainland is not to be squandered, but to be enjoyed to its fullest extent! That means sunscreen, straw hats, bicycles, slushies and flip flops. It means hiking trails, beach combing, barbecues and sailing.

See you at English Bay, or maybe, Crescent Beach!

*A quote from a Tourism BC television ad


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