In Transit

I’ve been taking public transit a lot the past three weeks and I have to admit I rather enjoy it. Oh, maybe not the times when the skytrain is packed with early morning commuters “sardined” together in a mass of surly, haven’t had any coffee closeness. But my trips are usually quite pleasant — I quite often get a seat right away and most of my fellow travellers are happy and content (or maybe just bored).

There is no need to think about where I am going — I am carried on my way to my destination, no worrying about crazy drivers, HOV lanes or merging onto the freeway.  I can open my novel or turn on my Kobo and delve into my current book, or I can people-watch, chat to my seatmate, close my eyes for a catnap. I can use the time to reflect, plan or mull over possibilities. It can be so relaxing…

But riding the Skytrain can be a little like drifting in limbo — I’m not at home nor at my destination, but “in transit”. On the train, I sometimes feel as if I am disconnected from my life — like I could peer over my shoulder and witness my world going forward without me, while I am hurtling through time and space neither here nor there. It is an eerie feeling of separation — a weird sensation of being lost and alone but at the same time sitting in the midst of a crowd and knowing exactly where I am/where I’m going. It is unsettling — kind of like trying to imagine the end of the universe.

Perhaps, instead of viewing these feelings as a disconnect, I should explore them as a way to be in the moment  — an opportunity to meditate on the now and feel a oneness with each breath. Live in each moment, be present with myself and thereby feel the connectedness that I have with my family, friends, the strangers on the train and the world.


2 thoughts on “In Transit”

  1. You have described a moment that is a welcome part of the day. Disconnecting from the rush, being in limbo, without defined purpose or action… it’s a gift each day. It opens the possibility to veer off the stated course. To be untethered out in the world, owing no one an explanation for your choice to step on or off. To be slightly anonymous as you choose to observe rather than participate.

    It’s like those slightly longer times on vacation when you catch yourself with no action to meet a deadline, no “owing” of time to someone. It’s a brief glimpse backwards to those moments of childhood when there only was the moment and the concept of future had not been introduced.

    Fleeting and shy when recognized and named.


    1. I love your descriptive sentences especially “…To be untethered out in the world…” that sentence and “…a brief glimpse backwards…” very eloquent! Thank you for the comment!


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