Freaky Friday

It was an ordinary Friday, at least so it seemed on the surface.

My husband had taken the day off and we decided it would be fun to shop around for anniversary gifts for each other and then go out for a nice dinner. (As I have written previously, we are a bit cavalier about anniversaries, but as is this was a big one, we decided to buy something special — and silver.)

It didn’t take too long before I found a beautiful ring that I loved. It has an amethyst stone encircled with 14k gold set in a sterling silver band. Very vintage looking, I thought, and a perfect gift for a silver anniversary. The icing on the cake was that it was 70% off the regular price!! Oh, and it fit perfectly, too!

The saleswoman worked out the total for me and I was ecstatic — I LOVE a good bargain and this one was a great one! Done deal. She rang up the sale. It seemed more than I thought it was going to be, but I handed over the cash, complaining to myself about the enormous sales tax that we all have to pay. I was about to stuff the receipt in my purse when I decided to take a good look at it – that total just seemed way too high even with a 12% tax added on.

Good thing I did. The ring cost fifty dollars more than the saleswoman had said. After a bit of checking, it seems that the prices had been entered into the system incorrectly. I got my fifty dollars back. And, my confidence went up 100% regarding my math skills!

I usually never check my bills.


We shopped a bit more then decided to go for dinner, and made a plan to go to Granville Island to search for Bruce’s gift on Sunday.

We went to a nearby restaurant so we could use the gift card we had (a present from our daughters). We enjoyed a delicious dinner and chatted amiably throughout the meal. The service was excellent and our waitress was outgoing and friendly. Then it came time to pay. I handed over the gift card and my debit card. The waitress keyed in the numbers and handed me the terminal and I swiped my card and entered my pin. The total of our meal seemed high, but I assumed that the gift card had not been subtracted yet. Even though I still had a niggling feeling that we had been over-charged, I accepted the amount and handed the terminal back as the transaction was approved.

For the second time that day, I decided to check the bill. (It really is out of character for me to do so.)

Good thing I checked! Our bill included someone else’s meals! We had paid an extra $40 for dinner! Yikes! It was all sorted out. The waitress was apologetic and the manager gave us $50 in gift cards — we left happy.

I can’t believe this happened twice in one day! Freaky!! …and I saved us $90 — I AM a math genius!

You can bet from now on, I am going to make a point of looking over my bill before I hand over the cash!


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