Silver Anniversary

24 Jan

Today, my husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. It won’t be a lavish affair, in fact, I will probably just cook something special and buy a bottle of champagne to toast this milestone, instead of going out to a fancy restaurant. We haven’t made any plans.

We rarely have big splashy parties or “events” to mark the special occasions in our lives, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t important to us. It just means that we don’t feel the need to pull out all the stops to celebrate the special moments that make up our life together, but we do acknowledge them in our own way.

We usually buy each other a present, mostly very non-traditional gifts. (Last year, Bruce got a ukelele!) It’s funny though, I don’t remember a lot of those gifts, but I do have very special memories from the past 25 years of our married life.

The special Valentine’s card that he had made me with a poem he’d written inside, or the time he taught me the easy way to convert fractions into decimals. The CD he made me for Christmas one year — the one where every song on it is one that I love. The way he read The Little Engine That Could over and over and over to our two daughters when they were young. How he carried all three of us back to the car after a long hike on Gabriola Island. The single, long-stemmed red rose he would give to each daughter at the end of every school year. Or how he has helped me to grow, giving me the courage to be myself, to accept my flaws, to see myself as a beautiful, smart and kind human being — as he sees me.

To be sure, we have had our ups and downs, arguments, and silly spats, but through it all we have found a path that leads to acceptance, forgiveness and a deeper loving bond. We respect, like and love each other.

I thank you, Bruce, for this wonderful quarter of a century of our life together and all the beautiful remembrances. I am looking forward to making more memories with you in the next 25 years!


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