How to Save a Planet (and Still Enjoy Your Favourite Take-Out)

13 Jan

During one of my forays on Pinterest, I came across a pin to this website, takeout without (thanks to Beth Terry, My Plastic-Free Life). I LOVE this idea – “Fill your stomach, not the landfill” – a campaign to reduce restaurant waste. Check out the websites by clicking on the links above – you’ll be inspired!

According to the Clean Air Council “…Every year, Americans throw away enough paper and plastic cups, forks, and spoons to circle the equator 300 times.” We Canadians are no better! It’s such a shame!

I am determined to participate in this waste-reducing tactic – it’s fairly simple — just bring your own dishes and utensils with you and refuse the paper, plastic, styrofoam containers that take out or fast food is served in. My goal for this weekend is to get organized in order to make this happen. All I need to do is put together a little “picnic set” of dishes and cutlery and figure out how I will carry it around with me in order to be ready when I get those hunger pangs at the mall!

There are many resources to help with this, but I think that I will first try to assemble my “take-out dining kit” from items I already have at home (as in reuse/repurpose). Stay tuned for photos and progress!


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