Harry Potter and the Twelve Years

Brynne was in grade three when her teacher began reading the Harry Potter series aloud to her classroom. I’m sure that this fanned her “like” of reading into a full-blown bonfire of love for the written word.

Harry, Hermione and Ron became permanent fixtures in our household for the next twelve years. This past Christmas, Brynne was elated to find Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part Two in her stocking. She now owns all the books and all the movies.

She loved the series from the start and eagerly awaited the publication of each subsequent book. Her dad read each new Harry Potter novel aloud to her – a memorable time for them both. I read the books, too, on my own, wanting to be involved in their lively discussions.

We all went to see the movies, excursions which became family traditions – we did not miss one. I know that Brynne will always remember Hogwarts, the adventures, the characters, the wondrous creatures. The books and films were important influences in her life.

With the release of the last movie on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital download, an era has come to an end. Brynne will be turning 20 in a few weeks. She grew up with Harry Potter and it’s a little sad that there will be no more of his stories.

She and I have decided to watch all eight movies again, in order. We have watched the first three so far, curled up together on the couch, holding hands and thoroughly enjoying our foray back into the magical world of muggles and wizards.

I am relishing these special nights of sitting right next to her, her hand in mine, her head on my shoulder. I know that we will always have a close, loving relationship, but it has evolved into something new. She is no longer a child, she is a beautiful young lady finding her own way. I feel a twinge of sadness that my little girl is gone but I also feel a great surge of joy as I see the lovely woman she is becoming.

So, I am gladly looking forward to The Goblet of Fire tomorrow evening. Bring on the popcorn!


5 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Twelve Years”

  1. I’m happy that you are able to share the series with Brynne in a special way.

    It’s awesome when a book (or series of books) can create a bond between generations (and it may continue into the next generation with the HP books).

    As you know, some of my favorite memories with Brynne are those moments that we journeyed through the ‘Potter’ universe.

    Thanks for the post


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