I gave up making New Year’s Resolutions long ago. You know the old story: on January 1st pledge to fulfill a long list of commitments such as lose weight, go to the gym, get organized, learn something new, blog more often — then on January 2nd promptly forget all about it.

However, I do like to look back at the past year and remember all the trials and triumphs, the joys and sadness that were shared with family and friends. And while I do not make any resolutions these days, I do think about how I want to live my life in the year that is unfolding.

I recently discovered a quote on a website that expresses exactly what I would like to strive for every day of 2012 and beyond. It is this: “Think good. Eat whole. Walk far.” from Peaceful Daily.

Peace, Love and Joy for 2012!


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