Sandy Beaches and Misty Mountains

This year, my husband and I decided to take a little break from the pressure and excitement of the last week before the big day with a little mini-vacation. We booked a two-night stay at Harrison Hot Springs, a beautiful scenic spot an hour and a half from home.

Harrison Hot Spring’ sandy beaches are surrounded by majestic mountains, a lovely spot at any time of year. It was just the place for a quiet pre-holiday getaway, a hidden gem far from the madding crowds. There is not a Starbucks for miles!

We spent our time exploring, chatting, reading and generally relaxing and soaking up the quiet beauty of the village. My husband took a ton of photos, I read an entire book. We enjoyed each other’s company. It was rejuvenating.

Now, we are back home, and it is almost like we had never gone. I look over at him, sitting on the sofa, reading and I smile a little, remembering our “retreat”.  I can draw on our time there when the holidays get too hectic –  a little calm in the midst of frenzy.

A new tradition is born!

Photo Credit: Bruce Johnston


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