What Do You Do on a Rainy November Saturday in Vancouver?

…why you go to see a movie in the morning, then you hit two artisan markets, of course!

My friend, Kath, won tickets to see a sneak preview of the new George Clooney movie, “The Descendants”.  She invited me to join her and her sister and we decided to combine the event with our favourite fashion and art market, Portobello West and “Make It Vancouver – the handmade revolution!”

So first, the movie …

“The Descendants” (based on the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings) is the story of Matt King (George Clooney), who finds himself the “primary” parent to his two daughters after his wife is severely injured in a motorboat accident. The movie takes place in Hawaii, which not only serves a a beautiful setting but makes up an intrinsic part of the characters’ lives.

Matt must deal with the well-being of his two girls, Alexandra (Shailene Woodley)  and Scotty (Amara Miller) during the aftermath of their mother’s tragic accident while at the same time decide the fate of his family’s inheritance of a vast parcel of prime land on the Island of Kauai. To further complicate the plot, he discovers that his wife was harbouring a secret that turns his world upside down.

Clooney delivers a wonderful performance of the vulnerable husband, father, and everyday man, Matt King, struggling to deal with the ups and downs following a tragic accident in his life. He is supported by a stellar cast, including newcomer, Shailene Woodley who plays his sassy, strong-willed 17 year old daughter, Amara Miller, his precocious 10 year old, and veteran actor, Beau Bridges as one of the King cousins.

Clooney and the rest of the cast bring the audience along on a bittersweet journey of a family re-connecting while dealing with a painful loss, through poignant moments that had me crying one minute then laughing out loud the next.

I loved this film. Don’t miss it!

Click here to watch a trailer.

Two Craft Markets in One Day!

Portobello West Fashion and Art Market is my favourite place to go on the last Sunday of every month (last Saturday and Sunday in November and December).  It is a great place to find unique gifts for everyone on your list, even for yourself.

I fell in love with a beautiful bag that was handmade from leather reclaimed from an Ikea sofa – from A Trace of Grey Designs. Oh, how I longed to buy it – but the price was just a little too high for me right now (no job, remember?) <Sigh!> Maybe next time!

This was the first time that I have been to Make it Vancouver. It was so crowded that it was difficult to see every vendor, but there were some unique items that I found very intriguing. I bought a package of plastic free food storage wraps that are made in Canada by Abeego Designs! So excited, I can’t wait to use them! Check them out here!


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