Shh! Do Not Disturb

20 Oct

Blog Post #188

Okay, okay, I admit it — I am exhausted — I thought I had caught up on some much needed sleep, but it seems like I need a little more uninterrupted shut-eye. Sooooo, I’m in my jammies, I just finished a soothing cup of Sleepytime tea and I’m ready for sleep! I’m turning out the lights, now, and hitting the hay!

Good night ~ sweet dreams!

sleeping image


A Cup of Kindness

19 Oct

Blog Post #187

Wow! Today I was on the receiving end of a Random Act of Kindness and I have  to say that it felt fantastic. Of course, I have experienced many kindnesses throughout my life — from friends, family and even total strangers.  While, I recognized and appreciated all those acts of generosity, I did not consciously think about them in the same way that I do now. These days, I think of RAKs with intent — I try to purposely “do nice things” for people whenever I can. I try to notice those moments when an opportunity to act with kindness presents itself.

Today, when I was standing in line at a Starbucks, waiting to order a coffee — I received a RAK. A sweet young woman paid for my drink when she was paying for her own and her friend’s salted caramel mochas.

I cannot describe the joy that this small gesture gave me. This unexpected act of generosity filled my heart and lifted my spirits. The brief encounter had everyone around me smiling, the happiness was not only mine, but it spread around and touched everyone who witnessed the exchange.

That cup of coffee was the most delicious coffee I had ever tasted and I am more determined than ever to spread kindness all over the place!

This experience, at this moment in my life, has enabled me to understand the power and importance of spreading acts of kindness everywhere we can. I know these actions make me feel good when I extend them to others — but now, I understand the joy that receiving a kindness brings. I understand how simple it is to bring a moment of happiness into another person’s life and how it is possible to make a difference in someone’s world with one small act.

Who wouldn’t want to do that for a fellow human being?



Goodnight, Haiku, Goodnight

18 Oct

Blog Post #186

Sunset red and gold / the light fades as darkness falls / dreams are beckoning

sunset image

Is it weird or funny that my haiku lately have focused around night, darkness, SLEEPING?

No, I guess not, since it seems that I am usually composing this blog post and a short poem late on Tuesday nights. I’m not sure why, but I seem to be turning into a night owl. A reluctant night owl — I’m definitely feeling tired but I also am delaying getting ready for bed…

Share your haiku in the comments section.

FLOTUS — I Finally Know What That Means

17 Oct

Blog Post #185

I have to admit that I have been paying more attention to the coming American election this year than any other previous election. I have been, like many others, mortified and, yes, sickened by what is happening to our neighbouring country — but like looky-loos at an accident site — I can’t seem to look away.

But I have found someone to admire during what I consider to be one of the lowest ebbs of American history — and that person is Michelle Obama.

Her calm, reasonable tones and thoughtful, intelligent comments are a welcome voice in the dismal arena of the 2016 American election campaign.

I’ve always thought of First Lady Michelle Obama as a strong, intelligent woman who was not afraid to be genuine and to show her true self to the American public and the world. Her compassion shone through her efforts to empower young women and her work on the task force to combat obesity in American children.  Mrs. Obama exemplifies the strength, confidence, and power of women that I would like to see embodied in women everywhere especially in our young women of today.

I, like, many others around the globe, listened to Michelle Obama’s speech endorsing Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention and heard her quiet strength of conviction, her intelligent persuasion and her reasonable assertions that “she’s with her.”

I believe she, along with her husband, is more accessible to the citizenry of America, and of the world. And she isn’t afraid to be genuine and show the fun side of FLOTUS, as when she rocked out with James Corden in carpool karaoke!

or when she danced to Uptown Funk with Ellen

Or her witty, amusing, and easy-going interview with Steven Colbert on the Tonight Show.

But my favourite public address, so far, was the speech that she gave in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 13, 2016, where she spoke about the qualities needed to be the President of the United States. It was the best. speech. of. this. entire. campaign.

I think she would be a great President of the United States — don’t you agree?

Dancing With Ted

16 Oct

Blog Post #184

I love dance and I love TED talks — so when I saw these talks centering on dance in different themes, I was excited and wanted to share them with you.

In this first session, science writer, John Bohannon proposes that companies and organizations use dancers instead of PowerPoint when making presentations. In this captivating talk, he illustrates how science and art can combine to educate and inform us in ways that simple slide shows cannot. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to watch a seminar where the points were presented as a choreographed dance?


Watch this beautiful and powerful, improvised performance by choreographer, Bill T. Jones and TED Fellows cellist, Joshua Roman and singer, Somi. This mesmerizing creative collaboration, entitled The Red Circle and the Blue Curtain, was performed at the TED conference in Vancouver in 2015.


I’m not a huge fan of ballroom dancing — I don’t watch shows such as Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance?, — but I have seen some stunning examples of paired dancing on stage a few times and I can appreciate the training, talent and choreography that comprises this entertaining art form. However, I haven’t thought much about the stereotypes that this type of dancing perpetuates. Until I watched this TED talk video. This presentation by Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox, inventors of the Liquid Lead dance form, are breaking down gender roles and binaries by adapting traditional partner dancing.


These compelling videos are inspiring and compelling in their beauty and their explorations of dance. They also raise the point of the importance of the arts in all it its forms to our world. What do you think? Do you believe that the arts are integral to the well-being of our society?

Stormy Weather

15 Oct

Blog Post #183

It’s been a wild and crazy time out here on the”Wet Coast” as we call it (or sometimes, “Raincouver”). We’ve had Environment Canada, local meteorologists, and news stations warning us about the severe weather that was coming our way. We’ve had power outages, rain streaming down by the bucketful and fierce, blustery winds blowing through our streets. Stormy weather, for sure!


Today, though, during a lull in the severe weather system — when the rain had stopped and the wind was nothing more than a gentle breeze — I thought to myself how much I like the climate here. The rain doesn’t usually bother me much — it’s better than snow! As long as I have a good umbrella and my Bogs, I love to be out splashing about in the rain. And there is something about the sky and the air that is breathtaking after the rain stops and the sun comes out bringing light and warmth.

Even though, we are all snuggled in now, waiting for tonight’s next forecast onslaught  — I’m thinking of tomorrow when the storms will have passed by and there is nothing left but light showers and big puddles. I’m thinking that — I love people who smile when it is raining!

For your listening pleasure: Stormy Weather, sung by Etta James






Poor Me…

14 Oct

Blog Post #182

I don’t have the energy to write a post today. Still sick.

And I need more lemons…

Honey, Lemon, Ginger Tea


Can You Cure a Cold?

13 Oct

Blog Post #181

Ugh! I’m sick. Racking cough, constant sneezing, burning throat, itchy eyes, throbbing head and achy body. Yep, it’s a full blown case of a cold with flu. Wahhhhh!!

Like you, I hate to be sick. I try to keep the whining, groaning and moaning to a minimum — usually I try to vent it when no one else is around and only to the cats. They don’t seem to care if I complain — they love any kind of conversation that they can get. I think they secretly like it when I am sick because it means that I sit on the couch more thereby making my lap available for longer.

I’m not a doctor (obviously), and I know that you can’t cure a cold, but I have certain remedies and comforts that I swear by when I am feeling under the weather. I try to stay away from over-the-counter medications, except for ibuprofen. They usually don’t help me much and some of them make me feel groggy and out of sorts.


Instead, I fall back on drinking plenty of fluids (water (by the jugful), and tea (mainly herbal), and a couple of cups of coffee), ibuprofen for sore muscles and headache, and sleep — HOURS of sleep!

The non-medicinal treatments that I use and find effective are easy and distracting for when I’m awake but feeling awful — sick, drained and cranky. These non-clinical, self-prescribed cures include: ensconcing myself comfortably on the couch, propped up with soft pillows, wrapped in warm blankets, a pile of books within easy reach, the TV remote by my side and Netflix loaded with my playlist ready to go. A pot of herbal tea or a steaming mug of my mom’s honey/lemon/ginger tea* to ease my symptons, a new box of tissues and some sort of junk food (sweet, salty — whatever, as long as it is handy)

Really, the only other thing I could wish for is a robot to fetch me delicious bowls of chicken soup when I feel hungry…

My mom always made me that special hot lemon tea when I was sick. Soothing and delicious, steaming hot, spicy, and lemony. And it still helps me feel better — try it yourself, the next time you feel a nasty cold coming on.

*Honey, Lemon, Ginger Cold Remedy

A piece of fresh ginger (about 1 inch long)
½ lemon
Grate the ginger with a fine grater into a tea pot. You can peel the ginger if you like, but it isn’t necessary

Pour one cup of boiling water over the ginger and let it sit for 3 or 4 minutes. Or longer if you like a spicier flavour.  While the ginger is steeping, juice the lemon into a large mug and add one tablespoon of honey. Strain the ginger tea into the mug, stir and sip. Adjust the lemon and honey to your preference.

Feel better!




Thought for the Day

12 Oct

Blog Post #180

It’s Wednesday, so I thought I would post a bit of wisdom from Socrates — a thought for the day.

A photo by Caleb Frith.


Goodnight, But Before I Go — Happy Haikuesday!

11 Oct

Blog Post #179

Aaackk!! I got distracted!

It’s late and I about to head off to dreamland, but I realized that it’s Haikuesday and I haven’t done a blog post yet!!

So — Happy Haikuesday! I hope you enjoy my little poem! (This really happened!)


The night is quiet
even the cats are dozing now
three racoons stroll by


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